2014 - 2016
STATE COUNCIL                                    STATE YOUTH BOARD
Clinton G.  Ruddock, Chairman                                        Dion Blaine, Chairman
Eddie Solomon                                                                     Nicole Campbell
Sam Green                                                                               John Hudson
Wardell Avant, Sr.                                                                    Jason Lewis
Eddison Nelson, Sr.                                                               Marlene Lucas
Arnold Williams                                                                    Francis Maxwell
Patrick Kelly                                                                            Maria Miller
Quinton Wallace
Keith Hardemon                                                                   ALTERNATES:
Oscar Lewis, Sr.                                                                   James Andrews
Timothy McGahee                                                                Carl Crutchfield
Martin Wright
Umah Miller, Sr.  

Ministerial Development - Arnold Williams
Seniors Ministry - George Wilson
Life-builders - Vinson Polk & Michael Brown
Youth Discipleship - Billy Gowdy
Women's Discipleship - Millicent Pelt 
Girls Club - Maryann Gowdy
State Prayer Line & Read Initiative - Bishop Eddison Nelson                                                                
Minister of Music - Kenneth & Chiquita Jones

Bishop Anthony Pelt,
State Administrative Bishop,
Lady Millicent Pelt,
State Women's Discipleship Coordinator


Bishop Billy Gowdy,
State Youth and Discipleship Director,
Lady Maryann Gowdy,
State Girls Club Coordinator
Bishop William "Bill" Lee &
Lady Sheila Lee,
USA Discipleship Director

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