Our Mission

Church of God / Florida - Cocoa

Mission, Core Values, Vision and Future Initiatives 2012-2014

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Church of God Florida Cocoa is to communicate the full gospel of Jesus Christ in the Spirit and power of Pentecost.

Core Values

1. Worship
2. Prayer
3. Holiness
4. Evangelization
5. Planting Churches
6. Care
7. Integrity
8. Excellence
9. Leadership Development
10. Responsible Stewardship
11. Interdependence

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Church of God Florida Cocoa is to live the Word of God by being committed to the authority of Holy Scripture, worshipping God, being directed by the Spirit, hungering for God, focusing on local congregations, loving all peoples, exercising love and concern for the hurts and loneliness of others, being Christ-centered, people-oriented, and need-sensitive and remaining relevant.

Future Initiatives

1. Financial Freedom
2. Security for our Retired Ministers and Spouses
3. Missions Initiative
4. Social Initiative


Bishop Anthony Pelt,
State Administrative Bishop,
Lady Millicent Pelt,
State Women's Discipleship Coordinator


Bishop Billy Gowdy,
State Youth and Discipleship Director,
Lady Maryann Gowdy,
State Girls Club Coordinator


Upcoming Events

State Convention
Youth Camp
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General Assembly 2022

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