State Boards

Florida-Cocoa Church of God
 2018-2022 State Boards
Lifebuilders Coordinator
Vinson Polk
Prayer Commission
Eddison Nelson Coordinator
Southern Florida Evangelism Coordinator
Clinton Ruddock
Northern Florida Evangelism Coordinator
Demetris Pressley
Western Florida Evangelism Coordinator
Eddison Nelson
Church Revitalization Task Force
Mary Dilworth
Charles Bargaineer
Christopher Lewis
Gilbert Gordon
Jeremiah Generation Task Force
State Youth Board
Tennisha Finney
Oscar Lewis Jr.
William Robinson
Virgil Henderson
Isaiah Johnson Jr. 
Ramon Douglas
World Mission Board
Kent Shaw
Betty Haynie
Easton Goldbourne
Wayne Solomon
Bud Mickens
State Education Board
Arnold Williams
Francis Maxwell
Timothy Mcgahee
Xenobia Anderson
Sylvester McIntosh
David Ricks
State Minister of Music
Kenneth and Chiquita Jones

Bishop Billy E. and Lady Maryann Gowdy


Bishop Anthony Pelt,
State Administrative Bishop,
Lady Millicent Pelt,
State Women's Discipleship Coordinator


Bishop Billy Gowdy,
State Youth and Discipleship Director,
Lady Maryann Gowdy,
State Girls Club Coordinator


Upcoming Events

State Convention
Youth Camp
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General Assembly 2022

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